My Newest Love ♥

Meet little baby "J" my new little nephew! He is only 1 week old & so tiny & so perfect. I visited my sister in the hospital after he was born & instantly fell in love with him!! I of course made sure we had a little photo shoot to officially welcome him into the world... (had to make sure to initiate him into the life he must become accustomed to with me around lol!) Oh I could just kiss & squeeze him all day, he really is perfect. Don't you agree?!?!! xoxo "J" come over to Aunt Cherri's house anytime! I have 2 little girlies over here begging to meets you!! :)

This little guy was so smiley (& sleepy & squishy♥, he likes me already lol!)


Alisa January 9, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

Thanks Cherri! These turned out so great! I can't believe how well you were able to capture his little personality! Love it!


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