Well Hello 2015

It has been forever since I have updated this blog of mine, it's amazing how a new baby changes your whole routine!! I am finally feeling like I am getting back into the swing of things now and I figured I would share some of my favorites from the sessions I've done over the last several months! :) I am now wishing that I would have just kept things caught up so I would have been able to share each of these precious sessions. If I have time to go back through everything I will share more soon. :)

 This little guy (above) in his tiny cocoon haha! So precious!  

Nothing more beautiful than the love a brand new mommy and daddy have for their sweet new baby!

 It seems we always have one foot that won't cooperate! I love baby feet and had to document that uncooperative little foot! :)

I had to try the above shot for Valentines day! One of the most fun shots I've tried I think! Haha! :)

 That adorable chunky little bum belongs to my sweet little guy! Gah!!! I just about die every time I see these images of him. I love him to pieces and I am so glad to be his mommy! ♥

 That's all for now. I will try to keep things more updated as I go along. My goal is to eventually update this blog with some of the personal projects I take on as well... my last attempt at this was a miserable failure haha! If you look through and find my "52 week project" I never did finish that one... and that adorable face right up there looking back at you? Yeah he's why! I had just started my 52 week project when I found out I was pregnant with him. I was elated, but my personal photography took a backseat to my morning sickness and preterm labor for a while. Now that he's here, safe, super healthy and chuuuuuunky I am finally able to breathe a little and I'm itching to get going on some fun things! Stay tuned! :)



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Hi! My name is Cherri, I am an Arizona photographer specializing in portrait photography. I first realized my love of photography when my mom bought me a camera at age 11. I immediately realized that I found people exciting to photograph. Over the years my interest in photography grew stronger, but since I have become a mom my interest has exploded & I haven't been able to put my camera down. I want to capture those sweet and fleeting moments now so I can look back and remember what wonderful times we have had. If you like my work and want me to capture some of your moments, then contact me for your photo shoot today! rcskidmore03@cox.net

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