Little Miss blue eyes

It's been too long since I photographed this little one... the last time I took her pics she was a newborn, remember her session? Check it out here. Oh my goodness, there are no words for how adorable this precious little angel is! I absolutely LOVE these photos I was able to take the other day of my sweet baby niece! We had planned this photo session for a while, but it took us a bit to get our schedules to align. My sister was worried that her sweet baby girl was going to get teeth and wanted to make sure to capture that gorgeous toothless grin before it was too late! She said she had a feeling that she was going to get teeth very soon and so we did the session and got these photos and the VERY NEXT WEEK she sprouted her first tooth!!! Mommy's intuition is a real thing haha! I love this baby girl's blue blue eyes! They are not photoshoped or fake, those babys are the real deal! They really look like that!!! Crazy right?? This baby girl hit the gene lottery! Not only is she gorgeous, but her personality makes her even more adorable, she's so happy and bubbly all the time. Her mom calls her winky because she swears she's always winking at her, and sure enough she did it during the session and I got it!!! I can't get over how sweet all of her expressions are! I have a special place in my heart for baby photography, it is just the best thing in the world! I love what I do! ♥

 Normally I'm a color girl, but I do love me a gorgeous black and white every now and then! This one spoke to me... begged me to be black and white! 
 She winked! For real, it doesn't get any cuter than that folks!!! ♥ her!



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Hi! My name is Cherri, I am an Arizona photographer specializing in portrait photography. I first realized my love of photography when my mom bought me a camera at age 11. I immediately realized that I found people exciting to photograph. Over the years my interest in photography grew stronger, but since I have become a mom my interest has exploded & I haven't been able to put my camera down. I want to capture those sweet and fleeting moments now so I can look back and remember what wonderful times we have had. If you like my work and want me to capture some of your moments, then contact me for your photo shoot today!

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