One awesome wonderful fabulous year!

My little man is ONE!!!! I can't believe how quickly this last year has flown by! I know it's cliche but it really does feel like he was just born yesterday!

 He is the happiest, sweetest and most handsome little man around! I seriously love him to pieces!

 He can be so serious and quiet, he's such a chill baby most of the time!
 This is one of his new faces that he has been making... he only makes it when he's fed up with me and my camera... or when he feels smothered by my other kiddos haha! I think he's trying to send me a subtle message "MOM I'M DONE!!" At least he puts up with me :) he really is the sweetest boy! ♥

 I took one photo (at least one, but more like a billion) every month to see him change. I love that he changed so much & that I can look back and see all the little differences!  I am such a busy mamma most of the time that I don't share the majority of my most favorite photos, so I threw in the ones below because they are a couple of my favorites from the last year... there are really too many to post, and deciding on which ones are my favorites is almost painful! ;) You other mommy's can relate, I'm sure!


 I decided that it would be fun to do a cake bash session for him. I was surprised at his reaction! I really expected him to be more excited about getting to play with something gooey and eat cake, he was not thrilled though. When we first put the cake in front of him he scowled at it! He looked at me completely unsure of what he should do with this thing in front of him. He tried to crawl away from it and so I took the cake off the stand in hopes that he would show more interest. He did show a little more interest in the cake once it was off the stand, but it still wasn't quite the reaction I had expected! He was so cute as he poked at it and once his hands got pretty dirty he started wiping them on the ground! I think he didn't really like the feeling of getting so messy haha! I'm sure if it were something he had discovered on his own he would have demolished it lol! 

  What's on my hands mom??
Yes this is most definitely him spitting out the cake!! I promise it tasted good! He was just not having it, the whole experience was just weird for him haha!
And this is what was left of his cake!! He did a pretty good job of destroying it regardless of the fact that I think he hated every second of this. Fun times! When it came time for his actual birthday party he was terrified when everyone started singing! I love that I think I know what to expect, but as soon as I think that he proves me wrong! Way to keep it real buddy! :) We're off to a great start.



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